never forgive, never forget.*

you don’t do that to a friend. or to put it simply, you don’t dare do that to frances mortel. but you have, when i thought you were smart enough to think of your acts. i am saddened, not by the partnership that has been lost, but by your stupidity and desperation. i was very foolish to listen to your angsts, believe in your dreams, and smile at your sparks of happiness. but i am relieved now, more than ever, that i have learned to value my worth, redeem self-respect and enjoy what i deserve. for that, i sincerely thank you.


*Sweeney Todd, 2007


~ ni lunabertigo sa 9 Abril 2008.

2 Tugon to “never forgive, never forget.*”

  1. whoah

  2. whoah ka rin. i just lost my phone. kumusta. date mo ko.

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