The Statistics of Fate on the Cartesian Plane*

Life isn’t just about choices. It’s about the possiblities of the choices we make, and the probabilities of these possibilities.


The moon has told me,

long before you came,

that you’d be a false comet.

I kept my faith,

still –

in belief of countless rotations,

and revolutions,

and our suicide to be a black hole


in time and space.

But cosmos wasn’t made

for fairytales.

Infinity would never be

our forever.

We existed,

in different corollaries –

computing the impossibility,

and improbability, of our coexistence.

I met you once,

maybe –

yet only a glimpse

of someone

I didn’t know,

then eradicated

from my universe.

There was never


nor you.



~ ni lunabertigo sa 17 Mayo 2008.

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