“Full/Part Time Job” | Kris Soguilon

Kaida Gallery presents ,London base Filipino Artist Kris Soguilon in his 4th solo exhibition on September 14, 2007 at Kaida Gallery (2nd floor GFO bldg. 122 Kamuning Road, Quezon City).
In his recent exhibition entitled Full/Part Time Job, Kris Soguilon’s visual language though pencil and gesso on canvas are from the various people he encountered in the multi-racial community of England. The image drawn to each canvas conveys the universal reason of busy people to face life as it comes and makes a living. Each image has their own ironic fascinating character from a saint whose second vocation is singing, a self professed movie star, a materialistic bag lady, and a religious pagan, a man celebrating his femininity, an unclothed feminist against nudity, a soft hearted predator, a career driven wonderer and many more.

“I have no intentions of creating a story of all the characters in my works as one. Each drawing is not interrelated with each other and should perceive individually. I am convinced that we are existentially different but has a communal goal that is to get by and hopefully survive life’s kind disappointments for the day.” remarks Soguilon.


~ ni lunabertigo sa 1 Hulyo 2008.

5 Tugon to ““Full/Part Time Job” | Kris Soguilon”

  1. wow! i love the caricatures (tama po ba ang term?) ang galing!

  2. di ko rin alam ang appropriate term. but i love them as well! sayang last year pa ang exhibit.

  3. ganda mga sketch mo…

  4. these aren’t my sketches. I am not Kris Soguilon. I am not even close to be that good to sketch.

  5. Thanks. Want to see more of my works: http://www.ksoguilon@multiply. Com

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