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Found this when out of narcissistic sanity i googled my name:

Ima Hajimemasu!

I now make my Chant:
“Oh Great Universal Deity, Please Grant me the Ability to use the Tarot to Divine Out how you Reshape, Reused, and Recycled the Lifes Energies of Frances Mortel-Sama for her Next Life and to tell what kind of Life Frances-Sama is going to have during her Next Life. With No Harm to Anyone, So Mote It Be!!!”

Shuffling, shuffling, shuffling, cut cards and flips:
Card #1: The Five of Swords
Card #2: The Hanged Man Major Arcana Card
Card #3: The Eight of Cups
Card #4: The Death Major Arcana Card
Card #5: The Devil Major Arcana Card
Card #6: The Page of Cups

I am afraid that this Spread does not Bode Well for Poor Frances during her Next Life!!!

I am afraid that she will be Reborn into an Abusive Family Environment where she will not be Understood or Respected by her Peers and Elders and will end up Ripped Off and Abused and most likely Pass Away from her Next Life at a Relatively Young Age. She may even end up Murdered as a Child by a Future Family Relative or a Close Associate who she may Trust.

I am afraid that I do not feel Comfortable posting anything about this Reading on my Afterlife Thread.

The Five of Swords shows a Warrior having Sneaked into his Enemy’s Camp and is Sneaking Off with their Weapons while their Backs are turned. This could mean that Poor Frances will experience a Theft or some sort of Deception that will affect her Greatly during her Next Life. Her losses will most likely be someone taking her Ideas or Creations and taking the Credit for them.

The Hanged Man Card indicates Unjust Persecutions and possibly Unjust Imprisonment. The only good thing about this Card is that it indicates that she will achieve Enlightenment through her Sufferings, as what the Present Day Dalai Lama is Suffering by his Enforced Exil from Tibet. This sort of Enlightenment will serve her well during the Next Life that comes after the one I am now Fortelling.

The Eight of Cups shows a Man walking up the Foothills up into some Mountains to find a New Place and get to and New Way of Life. This indicates that She will leave behind her Old Life and go off from what she is used to, and go off in order to find something New.

The Death Card indicates an Early Death for her during her Next Life. She may end up Betrayed and Murdered, or even a Disease will end her Next Life.

The Devil Card indicates Addictions or Excessive Needs for Materialistic Wealth. I think this Card indicates that she will Falter in that she will end up somehow talked into trying Highly Addictive Drugs and may end up a Drug Addict. If not that, then she may end up with a Alcohol Drinking Problem.

The Page of Cups indicates Dreams and Creative Ideas. This could indicatea that she may come upon some Creative Ideas, which she may go off (as indicated by the 8 of Cups) to put into Action.

Frances may have some Creative Ideas and will go off to put put them into Action. But she may end up having those Ideas Stolen and Disregarded due to the fact that No One will Understand them and may even Unjustly Persecute her for her Ideas. She then may end up in some sort of Serious Addiction that may cause her Next Life to End Relatively Early. That Life will certainly End much Earlier than what she Experienced during her Next Life.

Due to the Sufferings that she may Experience during her Next Life, she may achieve a certain amount of Wisdom and Enlightenment that will Serve Her Well during the Next Life that comes after the one that Ends Relatively Early.

I am Sorry to have to be the Harvenger of Bad News, but all Peoples Lives can not be Perfect, and Frances-Sama’s Next Life will be full of Pain and Sorry.

I hope you are not too Grief Stricken by this Reading.

source: http://tarot.meetup.com/

(tawa frances. tawa ka).

Buti na lang, typographical error lang and pagkakarefer bilang Frances Mortel sa subject. Sa first part kase ng post, eto ang nakalagay:

I am afraid that I just did one of the Saddest Afterlife Readings for a Relative of Findagrave!

I try to Sugar Coat Readings with Bad News, but this one was Sooooooooo Bad that I could not Sugar Coat this one at all.

Konnichi Wa to John & Suzanne Kyakusama (bowing politely):

Here is Frances-Sama’s Afterlife Tarot Reading.

Her Obituary goes:
“Frances Elizabeth Spradlin Martel
Birth: Jan. 12, 1937
Bedford County
Virginia, USA
Death: Jun. 30, 2001
Manatee County
Florida, USA

She was born the daughter of Walter W. Spradlin and Nannie Elizabeth Wooldridge. Her first marriage was to a Carl Otey in Virginia. They had two daugthers together: Janet and Tammy Otey. Frances’ second marriage was to Andrew J. Fewox. He passed in 1971. They had three children: Andrew Jr, John, and Jackie. Her last marriage was to Donald Martel. Frances also left 23 grandchildren. She’ll always be the best mother ever. Mom hated her name Frances she went by Jackie ;after her second husbands death jack fewox. A very big Thank you to Shae for sponsoring my momma’s memorial,you are an angel.

Hay. Buti na lang. Pero biruin mo nga namang may nag-exist pa lang Frances Martel sa mundo. Pero bongga din kung same ang reading sa kapalaran ko. Oh well. Pati ba naman sa next lifetime ko ay parusa pa rin. Shet naman. Ang hina ko pati sa mga tala.


~ ni lunabertigo sa 3 Hulyo 2008.

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