RANCHERO | Cinemalaya 2008

Ricardo: “Panibagong sampung taong sentensya na naman? Gusto ko pang ituloy ang buhay ko sa labas.”

Miyong: “Bakit, tumigil ba?”

and is also part of the PARIS CINEMA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2008 (Paris Project)


Life is unpredictable. And even in a well-guarded place like the prison house, you can never tell what will happen next. The same unpredictability applies in food preparation. No matter how strict you follow a recipe, you are never sure that it will taste the same.

Ranchero unfolds in a small provincial jail in the province of Rizal , Philippines . And today is Ricardo’s (Archi Adamos) last day behind bars. He and his close friend Miyong (Garry Lim) are tasked to cook rations for their inmates. The two friends spent the whole morning talking about Ricardo’s plans when he gets out. After lunch, one of the kitchen knives is missing which called the attention of jail officials. Not only will this delay the ration for the day, but also the freedom Ricardo and Miyong wish for themselves.

Director’s Profile

Michael Christian Javier Cardoz studied filmmaking at the University of the Philippines . Being a fresh graduate, most of his films are student projects. His first Documentary, Medalawna, was awarded Best Documentary at the 19th Gawad CCP. Ranchero is his first full-length film. The script was a requirement from one of his undergraduate classes that he submitted to the Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival. He attended a cinematography workshop at the Mowelfund Film Institute.

Ranchero Schedule at the CCP:

12 July/Sat, 6:15PM, Bulwangang Alagad Ng Sining (CCP MKP Hall)
12 July/Sat, 9:00PM (GALA) Tanghalang Nicanor Aberlardo (CCP Main Theatre)
16 July/Wed, 6:15PM, Bulwangang Alagad Ng Sining (CCP MKP Hall)
17 July/Thu, 3:30PM, Tanghalang Nicanor Aberlardo (CCP Main Theatre)
17 July/Thu, 6:15PM, Tanghalang Huseng Batute
19 July/Sat, 12:45PM, Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino (CCP Little Theatre)
*Tickets @ P100 , P50 for students

UP Film Institute screening:

04 August | 7PM

contact: Pam (09154494547) | Sam (09273910761) of UP CINEMA


~ ni lunabertigo sa 10 Hulyo 2008.

6 Tugon to “RANCHERO | Cinemalaya 2008”

  1. watched the film already… i would say that the directing was not good. the camera was not nice as well, it was hell shaky, plus the panning was not nice as well… the movie was so boring. it would send you to sleep…

  2. i still have to watch the film to see it myself. film student? are you from upfi?

  3. i agree with the first comment. we watched with our professor as a rquirment for his class. we were two blocks. nobody was pleased with the choice of film.

    promising story. hella awful technicals. shaky camera. boring prolonged shots especially the opening scene. but i think id prefer Ranchero over brutus. the latter had such an immature story.

  4. one of the films i haven’t watched yet and still dying to see it.

  5. a very reasonable film.

  6. I have watched 3 films. This is the one I liked the least. But still worth watching. 🙂

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