dark (k)night

Funny how I can still remember it well – my first heartbreak. 


I was five, or seven. Mama promised that we’d watch Sarah, Ang Munting Prinsesa together. And inspite of my excitement, I rejected my bestfriend as a company, I felt it was only fair to wait for my promised date with Mama even it’d take three more days for me to wait. So i waited. 


The thing was, three days came and there was no Sarah. For the first time, I was disappointed at mother. For the first time, I realized I learned the word tampo.


And just recently, I kinda felt the same tampo again.


~ ni lunabertigo sa 26 Hulyo 2008.

4 Tugon to “dark (k)night”

  1. saws

    super emo tu da maks




  2. wow…i kinda can relate to that experience…anyway, the good thing now we have so many alternatives to watch movies unlike before.

    ako wala pa time and money to watch dark knight… and actually di ako ganoon kapursigido to watch it kasi hindi ko napanood sa sinehan yong first… tas wala pa si katie holmes. wahehehe

    pero dahil cool yung mga reviews.. parang maganda naman siya.

  3. gulo pala ng comment ko nung nakaraan.. hahaha. puyat na puyat…

  4. haha. di naman magulo. or sanay lang ako sa kaguluhan.

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