White Paper Cranes Cast Black Shadows

It is believed that upon folding
the thousandth paper crane,
the wish of their maker come true.

I began folding my first,
thinking that at this primary step,
all the ones that went will come back.

I creased the paper, enveloping
the might of my will. I have these
air hands. I will soon send

a thousand cranes into the sky
to visit the souls of those who had
gone to take them back upon paper wings.

I begin to think that ever time
I touch this paper, I want to write
on my white birds two words.

Come back. Or take me.
I will ask my cranes to tell
them that they left so soon.

(originally Untitled, Leano-Mortel-Olympia Poetry Session, Divine Grace Leano, 2007)

MANUEL PRESTI (Italy) Winner: Wildlife Photographer of the Year A lone peregrine falcon sweeps into a swirling flock of starlings above a park in Rome. "I felt the fear and and the starlings' urgent need to survive, and the psychological pressure of the falcon as dive-bombed the small birds, " says Presti of his photograph Sky Chase. (This was your favorite photograph)


~ ni lunabertigo sa 19 Pebrero 2010.

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